Sunday, May 15, 2011

Inside Out: Walt's Poetry (and Photos) - Preview

Life is a journey better traveled if you understand with whom your're walking . . . from beginning to end. Self. Inside Out is a collection of poems that reflect and project in a perfect blend of then and now, forward, and beyond.

Friday, May 13, 2011

How The Hell Do You Play Rock/Paper/Scissors?

(From "Inside Out")

What kind of breezes will we set sail on…you and I
Wet headwinds to labor through tack after tack
Cold wet decks beneath our bare feet
Or run on before warm gusts

Climbing then sliding down shiny sheets of blue
Why don’t we make it easy on ourselves and fly?
Oh…but after all… we’re the crew
In either mode, it’s so easy to die

It’s not the cars we have driven in life that are important
Only the roads we have traveled
That looping cable of time we latch onto
Throws us off when our fare runs out
It’s that simple, our tickets have been punched

If we glance modestly askance
To see where we are
And if we refrain from peering to the rear
The more time we have to stare ahead

Some peer and do not see
While others hallucinate all wild eyed and tell it as truth  
But you and I keenly observe
Smug and snuggled with our convictions